Alex Soth

Last week a lot of us photography students headed over to the Alec Soth exhibition at Bradford Media Museum. I swung by Huddersfield on the way to pick up my friend Karan then we headed over to Bradford together. We missed the first talk but had a chance to look around at Alec’s work before there were further talks about more of Alec’s other projects. I really enjoyed seeing¬†his photography in print and LARGE on the walls, it gives it a whole different feeling than on screen.

A couple of images that stood out to me were these two:

AlecSoth1 AlecSoth2

After the exhibition we went for a few drinks and a bite of food with the tutors then Karan and I headed home. I dropped him off back in Huddersfield then carried on over the tops and passing Dovestone Reservoir the was smoke on the water, not to mention the fire in the sky. Unfortunately I had neither my camera or Deep Purple with me but I managed to snap this on my phone:
Not quite a fitting response to Alec Soth’s work but an amazing sight none the less.