Martin Grahame-Dunn

Back in January I went to the BIPP event What Makes an Award Winning Image presented by photography judge and trainer, Martin Grahame-Dunn. At the end of the night he volunteered to critique a couple of images each for the attendees, if they got in touch with him.

I did a couple of weeks ago and I’m really glad I did. As well as talking about the two images I had selected he also had a look over the series I’ve produced for my FMP and commented on my work in general.

He then went on to talk about this image in particular:


He used it to take me through some examples of processing that he would use on the image and eventually took it to this:
Which I really like. I’ve decided that I want to keep the blue for my image but have used what he taught me to re-edit the image to my own end and I feel it has made a big improvement. You can find it on my site here.

We must have spent about two hours talking and I am very grateful for Grahame’s time and knowledge. Thank you Grahame!