Penultimate Post


This is the second to last post I will do about my Bachelor’s Degree, an it was a good last day of shooting. The variety to the day kept things really interesting for me with the day starting off with shooting my friend’s textile work which she has made for her final pieces. I met Becca last year on my EPY and so was happy to shoot her wonderful creations:


We had a few Mamiya related camera issues which meant switching to a D800, but after that things went very smoothly.

Straight after Becca’s shoot I had some portfolio shots to do for Ethan, the son of a friend who graduated last year and we got some good shots for him to use. It was great for me as well as I don’t do as much male fashion work so getting some more images for my portfolio is a big plus.
He was very easy to work with and the shots won’t need that much work at all to finish.

Lastly there was the shoot I’d really been looking forward to. Ellie Webster is another textile student and she’s made some fantastic latex creations that she wanted photographed on a model. The model she found was Kaily Lau who was perfect for the project and with makeup done by a professional make up artist Heather Nicholson, we were all set to go. The tricky bit for this shoot was editing the shots down and not getting treacle everywhere…

A very fun last day!