Professional Practice Reflective

This is the end, beautiful friend, the end…

And now I have to look back on all that I have done this year to promote myself professionally. Do we go blow by blow? Nah, the martial arts was last year. Maybe the highlights would be a better approach.

I mean, I started the year coming off an entrepreneurial placement year so the idea of just posting business related blogs could be a bit old, but that wasn’t the drive of the blog. No, the drive of the blog was cataloguing my progress, sharing what I am up to and who I am looking at and working with. Right from the start of my blogging I’ve been clear that I’m not one for creative writing, I leave that to my father – a man of quick wit and even quicker pen. All I can hope is that this blog has been slightly useful, informative and at least a little amusing.

So the highlights, yes, I was meant to talk about them… I think the thing that stands out for me was being chosen by my friend, Rachel Sharp, to photograph her wedding. Why is that a highlight as nice as it is? Rachel had graduated with a degree in photography along with a lot of very talented photographers, she could have asked any of them to shoot her wedding but she didn’t. She chose me, and I am still touched that she did!

The next highlight was getting published on the front page of Topic magazine and seeing it there as I walked through the SU building. Then there was more of my work appearing in the Telegraph. Both of those times were a bit of a hassle getting the copyright correct but they were great learning experiences. Which leads me onto another thing I am proud of, getting the wording correct on the image release forms that the university supplies to it’s students for use with us photographers. Thanks to my attending a workshop with Redeye on copyright is was well aware of the law and standard practice when it comes to assigning your copyright to someone else.

Then there were the professionals I got to work with. People like Nathan Rae, The BIPP, Redeye, Textbook Studios, Squid, Metro Imaging, Hawthorne Gallery and Josh Fano. Perhaps one of the people I’ll miss working with the most is my good friend Karan Hiranandani. We’ve been working together for the past 4 years and it’s going to be strange with him no longer in the country. We do have some business ideas though so maybe a few ‘business’ trips to India will be in my future.

This year I’ve also been involved with the set-up and running of both interim shows, producing the catalogue for our end of year show. I’ve been lead student for submitting to Source Photographic Review the work of 10 other students and myself. I’ve also been a student rep again this year, giving me the chance to represent and help my fellow students and to be actively involved in the running of the course.

Not exactly professional practice but I have also managed to get a First for my dissertation after having been assessed as dyslexic over the summer. This bit’s important for me as my son is also dyslexic and struggles a lot with it, so for him to see me doing well with the same problems is great! Speaking of my son, he managed to get published this year as well! You take one 10-year-old along with two professional photographers and he’s the one who gets published! Very proud dad here!

To top off the whole year I’ve been accepted onto the MA course at university, it’s been a great year!