For my final major project at university I decided to focus on LGBT+ rights, from the perspective of an atheist humanist ally. I decided to focus on this after talking to the photographer Seba Curtis who suggested that my work was not reflecting issues that are in the public consciousness.

Well, after the horrendous attacks at Pulse nightclub in Orlando last week I don’t think LGBT rights could be any more in the public consciousness. I wish there was no need for work like mine, that acceptance was accepted and these sorts of events didn’t happen. But they do and will probably continue. There is more education and awareness all the time so why do people see the gender/sexual identities of others as wrong, unnatural, evil or indeed any of their business?

Perhaps looking at where these ideas of unnaturalness and evil come from can help at some point. From reading articles about the shooting there seems to be some suggestion that the shooter (who shall remain nameless here) was torn between his sexuality and religion, which could explain his actions. That is, of course, speculation and certainly does not excuse his violence, but it should be discussed and examined.

If your religion leads you to murder, your religion is wrong!