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The what? The Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre is the working environment that Pentagon Design have chosen to apply our biophilic magic to in an attempt to make it more appealing to artistic types. The DOYYEC helps and supports entrepreneurial business that have their genesis within the university of Huddersfield be they current students or alumni. It’s also the hope of the EPY, the Entrepreneur Placement Year which 3 members of the Pentagon team undertook. We wanted to look at the DOYYEC as we all found it a difficult environment to work in as creatives who don’t thrive in a traditional office setting. This is the DOYYEC:

IMG_20170210_100348 IMG_20170210_100454 IMG_20170210_100503 IMG_20170210_100536

As you can see the DOYYEC when it was established was more geared to traditional  businesses but they have found that they are getting more students from the arts wanting to do the EPY and so things need a changing. I never felt comfortable working there and was much more productive in my home office.

Some of the shortcoming that have been highlighted, and my own experiences are:

  • Lack of storage
  • Too quiet
  • Too loud
  • Really bad wifi
  • not big tables to work on
  • no control over the light
  • having to crawl under the desks for power
  • Too open 
  • No personal areas
  • The staff need a little more privacy for  data protection

My EPY was all around my photography so for me the control over the light and a good editing monitor were the shortcomings for me.

Natalie and I were able to have a good chat Phil and he confirmed that use of the facilities by the arts students was a concern and he also mentioned that the room is leased and had pretty much come as it was but they would welcome a more appropriate design of the space. One of the extra points he raised was that the pods were feeling too enclosed and could do with a design that would allow some views through the glass whilst maintaining some privacy. Perhaps a patterned cut out or laminated materials such as Novaglaze make.

Hopefully what we come up with will benefit future DOYYEC users.