BBC Idiation

Apparently that is an actual word and not made up jargon and yes, I did have to google it to check.


This is was the first of several visits by the BBC to work with us on the masters and they have some great, knowledgable people working for them. The morning was taken up with our visit to Orangebox so when we got back we had to do a quick catchup over lunch.


The BBC showed us several methods of rapid idea generation which were great as there wasn’t an emphasis on the quality of the idea, just (for now) the quantity.

IMG_20170125_142456 IMG_20170125_143609

The first image was more of a warm up exercise where they got us to decorate as many circles as we wanted as quickly as possible. The second was to draw or write down as many ideas as we could on the grid of 8, we were allowed up to 40 seconds per slot and I loved this method. 


After that we looked at ways of honing our ideas and judging the merit.

IMG_20170125_132125 IMG_20170125_152748 IMG_20170125_154018


I feel I took a lot away from the day which I will use in the future.