Formative Presentation

Leasing up to our first presentation to Orangebox things were pretty hectic getting all the slides together from 5 different people into one visually and logically cohesive whole and agreeing who was going to present which parts.


Natalie took lead in designing and arranging the slides and I think she did an amazing job. I’m a big fan of letting people do what they are good at and knowing your own limitations so why would I try to take ownership of design work when there are 3 talented graphic designers on the team? With the slides all arranged and ready to go we were able to chat over skype and assign roles for the presentation. Unfortunately Viola had to be away but with the other four of us there, there were plenty.


On the day we arrived nice and early at Orangebox and were warmly greeted by everyone there and provided drinks and plenty of comfortable seating to relax on until presentation time.


Natalie and I are both confident public speakers so we took the lead in presenting with Jade and Gemma chiming in with their parts. On the whole I think it went alright and the feedback was fairly positive with the main points for improvement being:

  • Reduce the amount of text
  • Re-order the the slides in a more logical way
  • Stress prince Andrew being the Duke of York in the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre (DOYYEC)
  • Provide more information on who uses the DOYYEC, how they use the space and how they feel about it
  • To share the talking more evenly amongst the group

The last wasn’t helped by Natalie and I standing together and the other two being on the other side of the screen. Oh yeah, I should avoid just talking when things pop into my head as well.