Icon Workshop

Teacake design led a workshop of telling stories using just icons. The first part was done on my own using icons from the Noun Project thenounproject.com under creative commons. Thanks to Nikita Kozin for the South Africa Flag, AB for the camera, Yi Chen for the vulture and baby, Michelange Baudoux for the gun and pxLens dead smiley. The second project was a collaborative one and I worked with Matey Devedzhiev. We were given one of the 7 deadly sins to work with and could use any iconography we wanted to talk about Greed. Without Matey’s skills in Adobe Illustrator it would have taken me hours, his skills are awesome!

Can you guess the film?

After Effects Tutorial

For this tutorial we were given the Samuel Beckett text Not I and shown the video of it to use as inspiration for creating a short film. We were given a part of the text each and could use it how we wished. I decided to stay with text as my drawing skills are next to none. The whole thing will be put together next week to include all the collaborators but until then here is my part.