Presentably Presented

Tuesday the 17th saw me presenting and defending all the work I’ve done to finish my degree, and I have to say it felt like it went really well. All the feedback was positive and there were only a couple of things they mentioned that could have improved things. The first was that I could have mentioned the extra reading I did to support my final major project, particularly Barthes’ The Great Family of Man (well worth a read). The other was that I could have printed some of my work that I did for jobs outside of my major work. Fair comments and I look forward to seeing the results… I think.

Here are some of the extra prints I’m getting done for my portfolio:


All done bar the grade

Tuesday this week was the final academic thing I had to do for my degree, present and defend my work. I must have covered things pretty thoroughly though as there was very little defending that needed doing once I’d presented and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Dare I hope for a First? Fingers are crossed.

But before that we have an graduate show (Mrs Robinson?) to prepare for. We’re doing that the week beginning the 6th and the show opens on the 10th. Time for me to get a new outfit! Then after that all I have left is the graduation ceremony and I’m a free man, ready to spread my wings and enter the world afresh with…. oh no, wait. September will see me back at uni to start my masters degree. Ah well, freedom can wait.