Vogue 100

I know I haven’t blogged over the summer so I suppose I should share a bit of what I have been doing. One exhibition I visited was the Vogue 100 show at Manchester Art Gallery. Of all the exhibitions I’ve been to I think this is one of my favourites due to the sheer quality of the work. There wasn’t a single image that wasn’t exquisite!

I actually ended up going twice, the first time was with my family and the 2nd time with RedEye to hear the curator’s talk and have a chance to view the images child free.


My daughter was captivated by the video instalment.

Overall I was so impressed I even bought the book:


Professional Practice Reflective

This is the end, beautiful friend, the end…

And now I have to look back on all that I have done this year to promote myself professionally. Do we go blow by blow? Nah, the martial arts was last year. Maybe the highlights would be a better approach.

I mean, I started the year coming off an entrepreneurial placement year so the idea of just posting business related blogs could be a bit old, but that wasn’t the drive of the blog. No, the drive of the blog was cataloguing my progress, sharing what I am up to and who I am looking at and working with. Right from the start of my blogging I’ve been clear that I’m not one for creative writing, I leave that to my father – a man of quick wit and even quicker pen. All I can hope is that this blog has been slightly useful, informative and at least a little amusing.

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Penultimate Post


This is the second to last post I will do about my Bachelor’s Degree, an it was a good last day of shooting. The variety to the day kept things really interesting for me with the day starting off with shooting my friend’s textile work which she has made for her final pieces. I met Becca last year on my EPY and so was happy to shoot her wonderful creations:


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Source Photographic Review

Yesterday I got an email from our tutor telling about Source Magazine and how positive an experience being involved in it had been for some of last years graduates. So naturally I jumped at the chance and contacted Source to see if we were not too late to be in this years submissions. After talking to Source on Twitter I arranged to be the lead student, and quickly got the details for all interested, their images and artist statements and the submission fee. I was very impressed with how quick my fellow students jumped at this opportunity and how organised they all are, especially with final hand in just days away!

Tomorrow I’ll be checking over their submissions and uploading them to Source.

You can see here a sneak preview of some of their work:


Martin Grahame-Dunn

Back in January I went to the BIPP event What Makes an Award Winning Image presented by photography judge and trainer, Martin Grahame-Dunn. At the end of the night he volunteered to critique a couple of images each for the attendees, if they got in touch with him.

I did a couple of weeks ago and I’m really glad I did. As well as talking about the two images I had selected he also had a look over the series I’ve produced for my FMP and commented on my work in general.

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A good mono print

Getting all of my images printed ready for exhibition has lead to me learning far more about papers and printing than I ever thought I’d need to know. For example, I have a couple of black and white prints so for an experiment I decided to get the same image printed both at the uni and by Metro print. I wasn’t sure how much of a difference to expect and was really surprised at how much of a difference there was!

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Alex Soth

Last week a lot of us photography students headed over to the Alec Soth exhibition at Bradford Media Museum. I swung by Huddersfield on the way to pick up my friend Karan then we headed over to Bradford together. We missed the first talk but had a chance to look around at Alec’s work before there were further talks about more of Alec’s other projects. I really enjoyed seeing his photography in print and LARGE on the walls, it gives it a whole different feeling than on screen.

A couple of images that stood out to me were these two:

AlecSoth1 AlecSoth2

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Textile Students

Is it any wonder I find time to work with students from other disciplines when they are so talented? This is the final year work of textile students Rhi (top left), Liz (top right), Caz (bottom left) and Abbey (bottom right).
TextilesI really enjoyed working with them and hope to collaborate with them again after graduation. Thank you for choosing me to shoot your work.

Always take a backup

This weekend saw me eating masses of chocolate, and photographing the wedding of my good friend Rachel Smith… I guess I better get used to calling her Rachel Sharpe now.

She booked me for the wedding quite a while ago, and I think I blogged at the time how honoured I felt that she had chosen me as she just graduated with a degree in photography last year and knows a lot of very talented photographers. But aside from a massive congratulations to Rachel and Aaron, that isn’t the point of this blog.

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